The Titanic is perhaps the most famous shipwreck. However, it’s far from being the deadliest wreck to have ever occurred on a luxurious liner. If you’re trying to deter people not to take a trip, it’s best to present them with this list of maritime mishaps, which are presented in no specific order. Disclaimer that most cruises go without incident and are completely secure.

Costa Concordia

costa-concordiaMany historic naval disasters occur far out at sea, but the Costa Concordia sank just off the shore of an Italian island in very shallow water on January 13, 2012. The preventable accident claimed the lives of 32 passengers and left many others seriously injured, leaving authorities to ask why the luxury cruise ship was cruising so near to the land in the first place. Read more…

Fire on Star Princess

Princess Cruises’ Star Princess was a victim of fire in the year 2006, resulting in the loss of a passenger from Georgia, injuring 11 other passengers, and the evacuation of over 2,600 more passengers from the port of Jamaica. The ship also suffered damages from fires in more than 250 cabins.

Sea Diamand Strike on a Reef


Sea Diamond, an ocean-going vessel belonging to the Louis Cruise Lines fleet, was sunk in 2007 after striking a volcanic reef and damaging its hull. The accident occurred approximately one nautical mile off the coastline of Santorini island; motorboats, lifeboats and fishing ships quickly evacuated passengers. While some of the passengers were brought into lifeboats, others needed to walk on rope ladders hung over the edges of the ship to rescue vessels waiting below. The cruise line initially reported that all crew and passengers had been safely taken to shore. However, it was later discovered that 2 French passengers were never accounted for.

Costa Europa

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A few years prior to the widely-publicized 2012 sinking and wreckage of Costa Concordia, another Costa-owned vessel  Costa Europacrashed into the pier of the Egyptian port when it attempted to dock in stormy weather. According to Costa’s CEO and Chairman, an unintentional wind gust led to the vessel hit the pier in the Egyptian holiday resort Sharm El Sheikh. Although most passengers on board safely embarked, three British passengers and a crew member were injured, and three crew members were dead.

MS ExplorerMS Explorer

MS Explorer was a Liberian-registered cruise ship. It was the first ship of its type specifically designed to sail the freezing seas in the Antarctic Ocean. It was also the first cruise vessel to sink there. After she struck an iceberg on the 23rd of November 2007. All crew members and passengers were saved. The vessel was launched and managed by Swedish exploration Lars-Eric Lindblad. The 1969 expeditionary voyage towards Antarctica was the precursor for the current sea-based tourism industry in the region.

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