In 2021, nine cruise ships were scrapped. While this is less than the 13 cruise ships scrapped in 2020, In 2019 only two cruise ships were scrapped.

Grand Celebration

After a long cruise from the Bahamas, the Grand Celebration arrived in Alang in January. The 1,800-passenger ship first set sail for Carnival Cruise Line in 1987. It also sailed for IberoCruceros and the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line.

Grand celebration in Alang Shipbreaking yard Photo credit: Captain Leo

MS Tropicale

The Tropicale was renamed the Costa Tropicale after being transferred to the Costa fleet in July 2001. In December of 2005, the Costa Tropicale was transferred to P&O Cruises Australia as the Pacific Star. P&O Cruises Australia sold the Pacific Star to Pullmantur Cruises in March 2008, and the Ocean Dream was born. Peace Boat was the ship’s final operator after Pullmantur, and it sailed as the Ocean Dream until 2020. The former Tropicale was scrapped in January 2021 after 38 years of operation.

Carnival Cruises first built ship Tropicale Credit: Wikimedia

Marco Polo

MS Marco Polo recently sailed for Cruise & Maritime Voyages of the United Kingdom and its German subsidiary Transocean Tours. She was sold at auction by CW Kellock & Co. Ltd. on 22 October 2020 for US$2,770,000 After Cruise & Maritime Voyages entered administration in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic; she was subsequently resold and beached at Alang, India in January 2021.

Marco Polo Beached Credit: Cruise Hive

Costa Victoria

The 1996-built Costa Victoria was scrapped in 2021 after a quick sale during the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. In January, the former Costa Cruises ship landed at the Aliaga Ship Breaking Yard and was immediately beached.

Costa Victoria
Costa Victoria Beached in Turkey Photo Credit: To The Original Owner

MS Holiday

MS Holiday (also known as Grand Holiday and Magellan) was a Holiday-class cruise ship that was previously owned by Carnival Cruise Line and Ibero Cruises as the Holiday and Grand Holiday, respectively. She last sailed for Cruise & Maritime Voyages as the Magellan from Spring 2015 to 2020, when the company ceased operations because to the COVID-19 pandemic. She was later auctioned off and dismantled in early 2021 in Alang, India.

MS Holiday
Holiday docked in Pascagoula, US Photo Credit: Wikimedia

MV Columbus

The Columbus is another Cruise & Maritime Voyages ship that was dismantled after the firm went bankrupt. In April, the ship, which was built in the late 1980s, washed up on a beach in India. The Columbus was built for Sitmar Cruises but has also served Princess Cruises, P&O Cruises, P&O Australia, and Ocean Village.

Columbus at the Alang yards Photo Credit: Bharat Dihora

MV Boudicca

The old Boudicca was a part of Fred. Olsen Cruise Line was beached in Aliaga for scrapping during  May. The vessel built in 1973 was sold to its previous operator in the year 2020 and was slated to be converted into an accommodation vessel prior to being sent to breakers.

MV Boudicca
Boudicca in 2018 Photo Credit: Wikimedia

MS Albatros

Albatros was sold to the Pick Albatros Group in the Middle East in October 2020 as a hotel vessel. The Pick Albatros Group operates 15 hotels and resorts in the Hurghada region. The project was never started, and the ship remained in Hurghada until it was scrapped in 2021 after a stop in Jeddah. On July 27, 2021, she was spotted beached in Alang. Albatros began scrapping in mid-September 2021.

Cruise ship Albatros
Cruise ship Albatros

Celestyal Experience

At the Gadani Ship Breaking Yard in Pakistan, the former Celestyal Experience was recently beached for scrapping. Celestyal Cruises was the last owner of the ship, which was built in 1993. The Costa neoRomantica had previously sailed for Costa Cruises in Asia.

Celestyal Experience
Celestyal Experience at Elefsis anchorage Photo Credit: Ship Friends

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