The Royal Marines of the United Kingdom are putting a futuristic new way to board a ship to the test: flying there on a jetpack.

According to a new video published by UK-based jetpack developer Gravity Industries, a Royal Marine uses a jet engine-powered suit to land on a neighbouring ship after approaching it on a powerboat. The soldier lands on the spacecraft and then pulls out a weapon in one version of the drill, a preview of how military and police intend to use jetpacks for fast infiltration missions.

The marine is shown soaring to the skies with ease, reaching the upper deck of a nearby vessel in record time.

The discovery comes after a video of a Dutch special ops soldier performing a similar feat was posted by the same business.

Gravity’s Jetsuit generates over 1000 horsepower of propulsion with four arm- and back-mounted jet engines. The wearer can alter their speed and trajectory by adjusting the position of their arms, thanks to the design.

In 2019, Gravity Industries founder Richard Browning surpassed his own world speed record by flying over England’s Brighton Pier at just over 85 mph while wearing the same suit.

Gravity has also collaborated with UK emergency agencies to help paramedics reach rural locations quickly.

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