Nouvoyage Inc., a company specializing in amphibious craft design for the luxury and commercial market sectors, has introduced a new model of amphibious yacht tenders aimed at the cruise industry.

Image: Nouvoyage

The company designed yacht tenders that provide seamless transportation from the ship to the front door of any land destination without requiring a transfer from the ship to a tender on the water.

The yacht tenders can carry 12 passengers and reach speeds of up to 28 knots.

The amphibious yacht tenders, which are designed to transition seamlessly between land and water, can transport passengers directly from the ship deck to events or leisure destinations.

“Some of the greatest advantages are that they extend the level of luxury, service and safety beyond the confines of the ship, to virtually any water or land destination.” said Kevin Neprud, founder of Nouvoyage.

They were nicknamed “shadow” yachts by the company because they could stay on land when not in use and follow ships (shadowing them) instead of being stored aboard the ship.

Image: Nouvoyage

Another advantage of so-called shadow yacht tenders is that guests can stay another day when a ship leaves a port and catch up with the ship the next day by taking highways. Tenders can travel at more than twice the speed of the ship on highways.

Passengers and crew can also arrive on shore hours before the ship arrives to avoid crowds.

There are numerous safety advantages to amphibious tender yachts. The yacht tenders are designed to transport passengers off the ship and to a hospital in a medical emergency. They also have full wheelchair accessibility, which makes it easier to transport mobility-impaired passengers.

“Our plan is to provide the highest possible level of VIP service for passengers who want to avoid the process the general public experiences,” Neprud added.

“For example, when VIP cruise passengers arrive at Miami Int. Airport, our 40′ or 45′ length limos with galley, head (restroom) and separate baggage compartments, pick them up with their luggage on the tarmac next to their private jet or at the gate in the terminal if they fly commercial. After boarding our yachts they are driven ~1/4 mile east from the airport to a boat ramp that accesses the Tamiami canal. A ramp within about a block of the high-speed Brightline railroad station that will soon run trains to Orlando at over 100 mph, will allow our limos to serve passengers arriving by train too.”


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