Star Cool CA+™ is built on the basis of advanced MCI controlled atmosphere technology, opening a lucrative path for new markets for perishable, low-breath products (such as blueberries and lychees).

The role of Perishable in new Markets.

In comparison to advance respiratory perishable foods such as bananas and avocados, low-respiratory perishable foods require a different atmosphere in the container. MCI is based on the tried and tested Star Cool CA system for fresh products with high permeability. MCI worked closely with experts and selected shipping companies to develop extended CA+ functions and used contracts from all over the world. Data collected by the 70,000 Star Cool CA department.


star ca+ technology
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After loading the fruit, set the regulator to the required percentage of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide. Then Inject nitrogen and carbon dioxide until-stop the injection and seal the box and Prepare to load the goods into the reefer, and monitor and monitor through the user screen, or make remote changes during transportation. The  Star Cool CA+ can be used in all existing Star Cool CA refrigerators.

The Benefits

CA + Benefits enables transportation companies to directly access cooling condition data throughout the transportation period without relying on third-party controlled atmosphere providers. Reduce costs and increase transparency. There are no processing fees or additional third-party fees for portable devices.

CA+ Technology
PC: Maersk

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