Have you ever thought of parts of a ship? Is it the typical ship we know since our childhood? Let’s know.

The entire world runs on a supply chain. Cargo is the term used for goods transported via sea and air. A bulk of goods cannot be transported via rail or road.

The continuous flow of a supply chain is totally dependent on the regularity of cargo ships that carry goods, materials from one port to another. A typical ship comprises a number of both visible parts and invisible parts.

A cargo ship has specifically designed itself for the task of loading and unloading cargo at distinct destinations.

ships terms
Terms of a ship; Image credit to https://www.kavas.com/media/wysiwyg/sailorsguide/boat-terms.jpg

The forward part of a vessel is called a Bow, the left-hand side of the ship is referred to as port whereas the right side is called starboard. The rear side is called astern.

The Propeller rotates and powers a ship forward or backward.

Hull is the body of a vessel. A deck is a floor or covering to the hull of a vessel. Accommodation is the place on the vessel where the crew resides or lives.

The basement of a vessel is the keel. The rudder used to steer the vessel. The turning action is largely dependent on the area of the rudder. A deck is a floor or covering to the ship’s hull structure.

The sheer is the upward curve formed by the main deck with reference to the level of the main deck at the midship. Usually, hatches are present to carry cargo. Cargoes are carried in the form of containers. So cargo is called containerized cargo. A funnel is what from which the exhaust gases are released into the atmosphere.

part of a ship
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Deck Crane in cargo ships assists in cargo operation and adjustments in cargo handling. An engine room is the powerhouse of the vessel located in the lowest most deck. If the engine room is the heart of the vessel; the navigation bridge is its brain. It is a wide platform on top of the accommodation from which the ship is controlled.

engine room of a ship
The engine room of a ship Image credit to https://www.instagram.com/p/CKpq84AD3WB/

A bulbous bow is a protruding bulb at the bow of a ship below the waterline. The bow modifies the way the water flows around the hull, reducing drag and thus increasing the speed, range, fuel, efficiency, and stability. An anchor is a heavy metal piece attached to the chain cables and is stored or secured in the hosepipe during the operation. Cargo ships are exclusively designed to take care of cargo and to make logistics processes efficient and punctual most importantly.





Author:- B.V.K.P.Dayananda

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