The tradition of boat naming dates back hundreds of years. Sea vessels were formerly named after gods to ensure their protection from bad luck. Even today, when naming a new ship, the naming ceremony is precise and complex so that no unfortunate event befalls the seafarer on its maiden voyage. If sailing is more recreational activity for you, ship names may be less constrained by the rites. Anyway, we highly doubt that Boaty McBoatface is a proper name for requesting good luck from the gods, though we must admit that it is a rather amusing name.

We have compiled a glorious list of the most dad joke worthy, punny, and funny boat names for you to laugh at. While there aren’t many such opportunities for naming, and most of them require at least some responsibility, these boat names represent the seven seas’ wittiest captains. Check out the list of the best boat names below!

1. Worth Every Penny For Sure

2. Well… At Least He Has A Boat

3. Knot Stolen4. Clever Name For A Fishing Boat5. Be There In A Minute6. At least7. Possible Name For Your New Boat8. This Boat Probably Belongs To A Dad9. The Boat Has Been Properly Named10. Naming For The Win

11. Wasted Sea Men

12. Not Too Bad Indeed13.You Better Get Used To Sleeping In This Boat…

14. Liquid Asset15. “Have You Come Up With A Boat Name Yet?” -“Fraid Knot” -“Don’t Worry, You Come Up With A Nautical Joke Eventually”

16. Probably Better Than Some Real Therapists17. A Nice Boat Name18. For All Your… Lady Friends19.But There’s A “For Sale” Sign

20. The Reality After Buying A Boat21.Great Sail Boat

22. It’s Hard To Resist23. “Hey, Was Your Boat Called Something Else Before?”…Nope24. My Friend’s Name Is Grey. This Is What He Named His Boat25. We All Make Mistakes, Some May Not Be Mistakes After All26. Totally Sober For Sure27. The Most Important Ship28. When You Tell Everybody You Are Fine29. It’s Time Indeed

30. But He Has A Boat

31. It’s A Part Of Life32. Huge Fan Of Breaking Bad33. Where Are You Honey? In A Meeting, Call You Back34. One Of The Best Named Boats I’ve Ever Seen35. A Good Sense Of Humor36. 404 Not Found! 37. A Pharmacist Brought His Boat In For Inspection38. The Wet Dream39. Siblings Must Own These Boats40. I’m Tired Of Your Bull…

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