SL media reported today(14-Jun), The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of Sri Lanka arrested the captain of MV X-Press Pearl. The captain was produced before a Magistrate, who ordered his release on a personal bond of Rs. 2 million. The skipper of the ship was also given a travel ban by the Magistrate.

MV X-Press Pearl is still dangerous

Meanwhile, the ship’s owners claim that the MV X-Press Pearl is still dangerous since a portion of the ship’s forward section is still afloat. The container ship X-Press Pearl’s operators, X-Press Feeders, has said that no decision on further action can be made until the vessel is completely stable.

Andrew Leahy, a spokesperson for the ship’s owners in Singapore, said the issue is still being monitored and that no clear decisions on how to proceed have been made. When asked what actions the operators plan to take with the ship’s remains, Leahy responded that a final decision has yet to be made because the ship is still unsafe. He stated that the shipowners can do now is wait and see, like they have done for several days.

Sri Lanka has requested a $40 million interim payment

When asked about Sri Lanka’s interim claim, Andrew Leahy said he couldn’t comment because the claim would have been submitted to the company’s attorneys and insurance. Sri Lanka has requested an interim payment of $40 million from the ship owners for the damage caused to the country between May 20 and June 1.
The vessel is fully insured under P&I and Hull and Machinery insurance, both of which are internationally recognized.
Meanwhile, X-Press Feeders reported that as of Saturday evening, salvors on the scene alongside the Sri Lankan Navy and the Indian Coastguard had detected no traces of a fuel oil spill.
The shipowners stated that a grey sheen has been detected emerging from the vessel, as well as discoloration of the sea after the vessel’s stern went submerged, and the cargo remnants in the 1486 containers onboard were discovered.

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