Submarines have always held a particular fascination for their unique ability to enable humans to travel the darkest depths of the oceans. In the minds of people around the world, one of the primary purposes of submarine vessels alongside that of scientific research is military power. These top 10 biggest submarines are ranked according to their lengths. Let’s take a look at these submarines one by one.

10. Akula-class Russia 

It includes ten submarines, of which nine are in the Russian Navy service and one in the Indian Navy service. The first sub in the class Akula was commissioned into the Soviet Navy in 1984. The Akula-class is a nuclear-powered attack submarine with a length of 110 meters and a submerged displacement of 13,800 tonnes.

Akula class submarine
Akula class submarine PC: warships_subs_pics

09. Sierra class Russia

Sierra class Russia first year as submarines are currently in service with the Russian Navy Sarah – an improved version of the class entered into service in 1990. The sierra class with the submerged displacement of 10,400 tons and 111-meter length, ranks as the world’s biggest submarine.

Sierra class submarine
Sierra class submarine PC:

08.Triumphant class France 

Triumphant class, France is currently the seventh-longest submarine in the world. The nuclear ballistic missile submarine serves the French Navy and is a part of the French Navy’s nuclear deterrent strike force it has a length of 138 meters and a submerged displacement of 14,335 tons.

Triumphant class submarine
Triumphant class submarine PC: Reddit


It is a series of nuclear-powered submarines being built for the Russian Navy. The first submarine in class Severodvinsk entered service with the Russian Navy in 2013 while six-month boats are under development. It has a 139-meter length and 15-meter beam. Submerged displacement is 13,800 tons.

YASEN/GRANEY CLASS submarine PC: By, CC BY 4.0,

06.Vanguard-class UK 

The nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine is in service with the UK’s Royal Navy. The class consists of four submarines namely Vanguard, Victorious, vigilant and vengeance. The vanguard class has a length of 149 meters and a submerged displacement of 15900 tonnes. Making it the sixth biggest submarine in the world.

Vanguard class submarine
Vanguard-class submarine By,

05. Oscar class Russia/Project 949 A Antey 

Project 949 A Antey class is a successor to the Oscar one class submarines. The Russian Navy currently operates four Oscar two submarines while four more are being converted into the 949 A Antey. Oscar || class submarines are 155 meters long, 18 meters wide and submerged displacement is 24,000 tons. The submarine has a surface speed of 15 knots and 32 knots submerged. It carried 24  P-700 Giant anti-ship cruise missiles and it has six torpedo tubes.

Oscar Class submarine
Russian Oscar-II class submarine in dry dock PC: recco_wise

4. Delta class Russia 

Delta class is a large ballistic missile submarine constructed by several bends. The Delta class includes Delta one, two, three and four subclasses. The submerged displacement of the Delta Force submarine is 18,200 tons the submarine has a length of 166 meters and a beam of 12.3 meters and drafts of 8.8 meters of higher class.

Delta class submarine
An aerial starboard bow view of a Russian Navy Northern Fleet DELTA IV class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine underway on the surface.

3. Ohio-class United States

The United States Ohio-class submarines are the third-longest in the world. The US Navy operates eighteen Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarines which are the biggest submarines ever built for the u.s. Each sub has a submerged displacement of 18,750 tons.

Ohio class submarine
Ohio class submarine PC:

2. Borei-class Russia

Borei-class class rank as the second-longest submarine along with Ohio class was the length of 170 meters and the submerged displacement of 24,000 tons. It is an OK-650 nuclear reactor with one steam turbine shaft and a proper. The submarine can carry 16 missiles, six 533mm Torpedo tubes and RPK-2 Viyuga missiles. This submarine is serving the strategic naval forces of Russia.

Borei class submarine
Borei class submarine PC : wiki

1. Typhoon class Russia 

Typhoon class Russia is a nuclear-powered submarine equipped with ballistic missiles, 533 mm Torpedo tubes and type 53 torpedos. It is powered by two nuclear water reactors and two 50,000 horsepower steam turbines. The typhoon has a submerged displacement of more than 48,000 tons and is the world’s biggest submarine class. Typhoon class submarines have a length of 175 metres and a 23-meter beam and a 12-meter draft. It has a maximum speed of 22.2 knots on the surface and 27 knots below the surface.

Typoon class submarine
Typoon class submarine PC: wikimedia

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