Sea Stories

Collecting over two billion dollars per year in revenue and considered an artificial wonder of the world, the Panama canal is a triumph of human engineering. It was constructed in one of the most unforgiving environments imaginable, crossing through 80 kilometers of dense tropical rainforest. Full of poisonous spiders, insects, and mosquitoes. That carry deadly
The beaches of Sri Lanka are encrusted with plastic reported (June 4); Another avoidable shipping calamity is plastic pollution in Sri Lanka waters. Government corruption and a plastics addiction are wreaking havoc on the world's oceans. After a chemical leak provoked a response in the ship's cargo, the Singapore-registered X Press Pearl cargo vessel
Most Remarkable Ships lost during Maiden Voyage After the MV-XPRESS PEARL crisis, We look back to maiden voyages hidden in the deep sea. According to Wikipedia MV-XPRESS PEARL is the sunk maiden voyage after 1988. 1. Titanic (1912) The most remarkable ship lost in the maiden voyage is the Titanic. Titanic is a passenger cruise
The MV X Press Pearl, which is still on fire, has attracted the attention of the whole of Sri Lanka. So, a short while ago, the popular international website, which is engaged in naval news reporting, had reported controversial news about this ship. According to the news, the incident is as follows The ship,