In the competitive industry of cruise tourism, companies are pushing the limits with what can be built on their ships from roller coasters to climbing walls the amenities on modern-day cruise ships are getting a bit ridiculous. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most amazing cruise ship amenities.

 1. North Star 

Royal Caribbean cruises are one of the largest operators in the world and in recent years they’ve made a point of ensuring they install the most creative and often unbelievable features on their ships. Their quantum class vessels which first set sail in 2014 are the third largest cruise ships in the world. Each has an attraction called north star and this is truly something you have to see to believe essentially. It’s a glass pod that’s attached to mechanical arm guests are sealed inside the pod then it’s lifted up into the air and then over the side of the ship with a capacity of up to 14 people. The 20-minute ride raises you as high as 300 feet above sea level which leads to stunning views out across the vessel the ocean or whichever port the ship is docked in.

However, there are some restrictions on how it can operate in a port or on stormy days. So the best time to experience it is when the liner is at the sea and the water is relatively calm. Amazingly the company has thought of everything in their design of the North Star and you retain full access to the onboard wi-fi even when you’re at its maximum height.

North Star
Aerial view with North Star on Quantum of the Seas. Credit: Royal Caribbean Cruises

2. Helicopters 

You might think cruise ships have a variety of vehicles for you to be able to play within port such as jet skis or glass-bottom boats. But the Australian-based Scenic Eclipse has something far more exciting. Its very own helicopter is stored in a specifically designed cargo bay. The two brand new airbus h-130s were top-of-the-line choppers. When they were bought and are some of the quietest ones available meaning the disruption to other passengers and wildlife is minimal. There is also a system inside the cabin that reduces the number of vibrations that you feel which leads to an incredibly smooth ride. The company hired experienced staff including military veterans and rescue pilots to take guests from the top deck for 20-minute tours over the ports that they visit with leather seats, you are sure to be comfortable on board. They also provide noise-canceling headsets to allow for easy communication between the guests and crew.

Scenic Eclipse helicopter Mediterranean

3. Scenic Neptune

Witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat takes on a whole new dimension when you’re below the surface. An exciting range of submarine excursions are available for an additional fee, taking you deep into the depths of the oceans from the Arctic, to Antarctica, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and the fjords of Norway to Greenland.

In 2021/2022 Scenic Eclipse will be the first ship with permits to operate a submarine in the South Georgian waters. Scenic Eclipse’s U-Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7 is capable of diving to a depth of up to 300 meters with seating for up to six guests, plus the expert pilot. Custom-built for optimal sightseeing, an excursion into the wide blue sea will be truly unforgettable.

All passengers will share the same astounding uninterrupted views, with seats mounted on revolving platforms to swivel 280 degrees to view in all directions. The two large ultra-clear acrylic spheres of the submarine provide optimal viewing, never missing a moment of the underwater marine experience.

Scenic Neptune
Scenic Neptune

4. Roller Coaster

This isn’t just a small ride claiming to be a roller coaster either but a full-fledged experience called ‘’Bolt’’. It’s the main feature of the carnival cruise line’s new ship called “Mardi Gras’’ which was due to first set sail in 2020. Reaching up to 187 feet above sea level guests are strapped into motorcycle-like cars and shoot around the track at speeds of up to 40 miles an hour as it’s fitted to the top deck. The coaster offers 360-degree views across the ship and the ocean and to make it even more exciting. Riders are able to control the speed of their cars themselves. There is even an added competitive edge too. With lap times being posted on a board after the race so everyone knows who’s the bravest of them all. As the first ship-based roller coaster in the world “Bolt” is certainly unique and innovative. And its inclusion will surely force other operators to up their game and begin designing coaster tracks of their own.

Bolt the first roller coaster at sea

5. Bionic bar

We’ve all been frustrated when we found ourselves waiting too long at a bar to receive our drinks. But there’s no complaining at the new bars on royal Caribbean cruises because instead of being staffed by expert mixologists the cocktails are created by robotic arms called the bionic bar. It’s possibly the most futuristic experience you’ll find on any cruise ship. Guests are able to order their cocktail or mocktail of choice on a tablet and then watch as the robot arms.

Selected drinks are suspended from the ceiling of the bar and expertly prepared in front of their eyes. You’re not limited to the drinks on the menu either and can instead request a custom drink and you’re never left in doubt as to how long it’ll be until yours is in your hands. Electronic displays around the bar show who’s in the queue and which order is being prepared while they also provide information such as which drink is currently being made the ingredients. It uses how many steps it will be until it is complete there are human workers on hand too. Just in case things go wrong.



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