Most Remarkable Ships lost during Maiden Voyage

After the MV-XPRESS PEARL crisis, We look back to maiden voyages hidden in the deep sea. According to Wikipedia MV-XPRESS PEARL is the sunk maiden voyage after 1988.

1. Titanic (1912)

The most remarkable ship lost in the maiden voyage is the Titanic. Titanic is a passenger cruise ship of the British White Star Shipping Company sank in the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on April 15, 1912. More than 1,500 people died, making the sinking event one of the deadliest of a single ship and the deadliest super ship or cruiser sinking so far in peacetime.

Therefore, after the disaster, it has aroused widespread public attention and has become the material for many artworks and the basic material for disaster film types. The RMS Titanic is the largest floating vessel and the second of the three Olympus at the time of commissioning. White Star Line class ocean liner. This ocean liner is carrying some of the richest people in the world, as well as hundreds of immigrants from Britain and Ireland, Scandinavia, and other European countries looking for a new life in the United States. The first-class rooms are designed to provide maximum comfort and luxury, with a gym, swimming pool, library, first-class restaurant, and luxurious cabins. A high-performance telecommunications transmitter can be used to send “Markongrams” from passengers and use the ship.


Titanic PC:

Due to the lifeboat loading agreement “women and children first”, a disproportionately large number of men remain on board. At 2:20 in the morning, it collapsed and sank, with more than 1,000 people on board. Less than two hours after the sinking of the Titanic, the crown RMS Carpathia arrived with approximately 710 survivors. Angry at the huge loss of life and the supervision and business interruption that caused it. Public investigations in the United Kingdom and the United States have significantly improved maritime safety. One of the most important legacies of this phenomenon is the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) formulated in 1914, which still regulates maritime safety.

2. Bismarck (1941)

The last battle of the German battleship Bismarck took place in the Atlantic Ocean close to  France, on May 26-27, 1941. On May 24, before the outbreak of hostilities, Bismarck’s fuel tank was finally damaged in the Danish Strait naval battle, and several engine rooms including the boiler room were flooded. The captain was hoping to reach the port of BREST For the maintenance activities. The vessel briefly turned to oppose her pursuers (Prince of Wales and heavy cruisers Norfolk and Suffolk), trying to escape from her partner. The heavy cruiser Prince Eugen was heading to the Atlantic Ocean.


Swordfish biplanes from HMS Victorious and HMS Ark Royal flying in conditions bordering on the horrific cripple the gang German battleship Bismarck, jamming her PC: Instagram

The communication with the  Bismarck and head east to France, while the British searched the northeast, which indicated that she was returning to Norway. Later, on May 25, Admiral Lutyens apparently did not realize that he had lost his pursuer. He broke the radio silence in order to send an encrypted message to Germany. This allowed the British to determine the approximate location of Bismarck and send planes to search for German battleships.

The final operation consisted of four main stages, and finally, the British warship rescued 111 survivors from the Bismarck, and then they were forced to retreat due to the obvious discovery of the submarine, leaving hundreds of people to their destiny. The next morning, a submarine and a German weather ship rescued five other survivors.

3. MS Zenobia (1980)

The Swedish Challenger-class ferry MS Zenobia, a RO-RO ferry born in Sweden, began on its first journey in June 1980. It sunk off the Mediterranean, near Larnaca, Cyprus on her first voyage. Now she is staying at her port side in around 42 meters and was designated one of the top 10 wrecked diving sites across the globe by The Times, and many others.

MS Zenobia PC:

4. MV Union Star (1981)

The MV Union Star was launched a few days before it sank off the Cornish coast of Ringkøbing, Denmark. A small bulk carrier registered in Dublin, Ireland, headed to Ijmuiden, the Netherlands, to transport fertilizer for its maiden voyage to Arklow, Ireland. On the south coast of Cornwall, 8 miles east of Wolfe Rock, the new ship’s engine failed. The crew was unable to activate them again but did not call emergency services.  As part of Lloyd’s public rescue contract, North-Holland Tug provided assistance, but Morton initially rejected the offer and accepted the offer after consulting with its owner. Wind speeds of up to 90 knots a Beaufort hurricane with a category 12 hurricane-waves, This vessel crossed the mountain bay to Lamorne (Lamorne) ) Near the cliffs of Boscaven Bay

Penlee Lifeboat Memorial
Penlee Lifeboat Memorial PC:

5. MV Ranga (1982)

The motor ship Ranga is a container ship with a deadweight of 1,586 tons and belongs to a Spanish shipping company. On November 11, 1982, the ship disappeared in a storm near the sled head on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland, and the crash site was inaccessible. In 1991, the rear of the shipwreck was dismantled due to the shooting of the film far and away, including scenes shot in Dunmore Head. Today, only bow and other scattered wreckage are visible.


The MV Ranga remains pictured in 1986 By Eddi Laumanns 

The remains of the Ranga at Dunmore Head, Ireland  By Eddi Laumanns 

6.    MV Reijin (1988)

Reijin was established on December 19, 1987. It was built for Nissan Prince Kaiun and operated by Emerald Ship holding and registered under port-Panama City. On April 26, 1988, it ran aground and capsized off the coast of Porto, Portugal.  A crew member was killed. She carried 5,432 new cars on her first trip from Japan to Ireland. It was decided to throw two-thirds of the vehicle above 2,000 meters and the ship sank into the same depth of water. Although the landfill of automobile waste started, it was not completed because it violated the “London Automobile Plastic Waste Landfill Convention” Finally vessel got sunk in the deep sea.

Reijin aground
By Jpbazard Jean-Pierre Bazard 

7. MV X-press Pearl (2021)

The most recent case is MV X-Press Pearl. The ship was built in February 2021 and is about 186 meters long.  It is operated by X-Press Feeders. On May 20, 2021. X-Press Pearl caught fire on the coast of Colombo, Sri Lanka.  On May 27. The ship caught fire and announced that it had been completely destroyed. It was still on the coastal water, and Sri Lankan firefighters believed they had controlled the fire before midnight on May 27, 2021. After 12 days of burning, the ship was towed to a deep place and sank on June 2. Due to the presence of petroleum and chemicals on board, the incident is considered to be the most serious marine ecological disaster in Sri Lanka’s history.

MV X-Press Pearl
MV X-Press Pearl

sunken ship x-press pearl
Sunken ship x-press pearl

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