Gu Tian was a cargo ship located in Fujian’s Mawei, China. It was the world’s largest concrete ship when it was built in China in the 1970s. The vessel had a displacement of 5,773 tonnes and a length of 105.2 meters with a beam of 14.5 meters. The ship was abandoned and stranded ashore due to high operating costs.

Gu Tian
Before work began to dismantle the 3,000-ton ship
Gu Tian
Abounded world largest concrete ship

The Gu Tian was abandoned shortly after her maiden voyage in 1974 and has since become a squatter camp and a tourist attraction in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province in southeast China.

The demolition of the 3,000-ton concrete vessel began in November of 2012.

Gu Tian
Final stages of the work to destroy it to make way for flats

The cement ship was developed in the 1970s as a cheap alternative during China’s ‘culture revolution’ due to a lack of steel.

Gu Tian
The ship was built to save money, but due to the heavyweight and huge fuel consumption it was abandoned after just a few usages in 1974

It was launched to usher in a new era in which China ruled the seas. However, following her maiden voyage in 1974, Communist officials realized that powering a concrete ship across the waterways was simply too expensive, and she was forced ashore and wrecked.

Gu tian
The final stage of dismantle

Gu Tian, when it was beached on the Mingjiang River for 40 years, became a squat for villagers and a modest tourist attraction. Fujian Ship Communications Vocational College used it as a training base as well.

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