Six individuals were hurt after their boat was thrown out of the water after colliding with a whale and sending them flying.

The tourist boat struck something in the water in Mexico and was catapulted up by the force of the impact, with the bow tipping up at a 45-degree angle.

People on board the small open boat can be seen sliding out of their seats, into the awning, and possibly off the vessel itself as it gains meters of altitude.

Three children on board sustained minor injuries, but two adults were sent to the hospital after the incident on April 22, while another was transferred to a clinic by Navy officials.

The state civil defense office posted the video, stating that the disaster, which occurred off the coast of La Paz, Baja California Sur, is under investigation.

The boat’s operators may not have known the whale was underwater in the area, stating: ‘The whale came up from the sea and that is when it pushed the boat, with some passengers falling and suffering injuries according to Civil Protection spokesperson Benjamin Garcia. ‘Three people were hospitalised, one of them seriously, and two others were treated at the port.’

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