A Massive container crane collapse at Kaohsiung port

Taiwan News Reported, A container ship docking collided with another ship, forcing two container cranes to fall in the Port of Kaohsiung today, June 3. One person was injured, and two people were trapped in the wreckage.

Around 11:30 a.m., the 316-meter-long, 86,679-ton DURBAN, owned by OOCL Shipping Company, was attempting to dock at pier 66 when it collided with Yangming Shipping’s 32,720-ton YONGYANG, which was parked at pier 70.


One of the four container cranes involved in the crash, GC8, was destroyed. GC8 collided with GC6, bringing it down with it. As two container cranes crumpled to the ground, workers ran for safety.

The cranes collided with a stack of containers, forcing it to collapse as well.

One worker was slightly hurt in the incident, while two crane operators were trapped within the cranes.

crane collapse
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