According to media sources, a gas cylinder dropped and exploded while being carried onto a ship at Jordan’s Aqaba port, at least 10 people dead and hundreds hurt.

An ISO cylinder believed to contain 25 tonnes of chlorine fell while it was being carried by a shoreside crane onto a ship, resulting in an explosion of yellow gas that swiftly engulfed the ship and dock, as shown in the incident’s video.

The number of fatalities has increased to ten, a representative for the Jordanian government told AFP. While other sources state that over 250 people were hurt, another representative claimed that more than 200 individuals had been hurt. A more recent tally showed 12 people deceased and 251 injured.

The vessel looks to be the 2021-built, multipurpose cargo and heavy lift vessel MV Forest 6, carrying the Hong Kong flag.

According to officials, the cylinder held 25 tonnes of chlorine for Djibouti.

The only seaport in Jordan is the Port of Aqaba, strategically situated on the northernmost point of the Red Sea.

Chlorine is frequently used to clean water and sterilize surfaces, but when inhaled, the gas transforms into hydrochloric acid, which can cause internal burning and drowning by causing a leak of fluids in the lungs.

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