The UK-based marine safety and survival solutions supplier Survitec’s Seahaven Advanced Evacuation System has successfully completed heavy weather sea testing (HWST) while deployed from the offshore support vessel EDT Jane.

The test, according to Survitec, was conducted in accordance with the SOLAS standards for Novel Appliances, which stipulate that the test be conducted in conditions that do not fall below a six on the Beaufort Scale.

Survitec added that representatives from classification society Lloyd’s Register were there, as well as observers from the UK MCA.

Seahaven is an unique lifeboat system that allows Helical slide-based mass evacuation from big passenger vessels, according to Survitec, and it has now passed the HWST program.

“This is a huge step forward in the critical development of Seahaven which brings this game-changing cruise evacuation system one step closer to full market introduction,” Survitec said.

Ron Krisanda, Executive Chairman, Survitec, said: “This is a major milestone in the development of cruise safety technology. Passing HWSTs demonstrates that Seahaven has exceeded the highest safety performance standards.”

The two craft system can carry a total of 1060 people and travel at a speed of six knots for 24 hours.

“Survitec now looks ahead to the next steps of this project, working with its customers on the introduction of this game-changing solution to their operations,” the company said.


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