On Friday, January 29th, the 36-year-old Captain onboard the German Capesize bulk carrier Mathilde Oldendorff died at the Tianjin Port in China.

The unfortunate incident occurred when a man of Turkish nationality (referred to as the Chief officer in other sources) was using the pilot ladder from the shore side of the berthed vessel to measure the draft of the 2,06,000 t DWT Liberia-flagged bulk carrier when he slipped and fell onto the pier.

The crew were unable to aid him because of the Chinese zero-COVID policy, which restricts any physical contact between a vessel’s crew and the shore (even if it is a walk along the berth to perform one’s duties), leaving the man to his fate.

The man was later discovered dead when paramedics arrived. According to reports, the Captain’s body will now be transferred to Turkey once all processes have been completed. The Mathilde Oldendorff, which was built in 2013, left Tianjin Port (31 January) and is presently on her route to Port Hedland, Australia.

Photo credit: MarineTraffic.com

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