The newest aircraft carrier in Britain, HMS Prince of Wales, suffered an emergency mechanical problem that required drydocking. The UK Defense Journal reports that the propeller suffered damage following “hitting something in the seabed” However, the Royal Navy said it was a “mechanical problem with the Starboard shaft.” The incident occurred on the weekend, shortly after leaving southern England to embark on an event described by the Royal Navy as a “landmark mission” in US Navy.

Sources on board the ship have told The UK Defence Journal that the damaged aircraft carrier is likely to go to a drydock at Amsterdam to be repaired.

The Prince of Wales is one of two Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers that are the biggest ships within the Royal Navy. It can hold more than 40 aircraft. It is scheduled to become fully operational by 2023.

The aircraft carrier of 65,000 tonnes, built at the cost of 3.1 billion pounds, left Portsmouth on Saturday to embark on three months of training in conjunction with the United States Navy on stealth drone and jet missions in the waters in North America and in the Caribbean.

“HMS Prince of Wales remains in the South Coast Exercise Area while conducting investigations into an emerging mechanical issue,” a Royal Navy spokesperson confirmed in the official statement.

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