On Wednesday, a ship came off its holding and tipped over in a dry dock in Leith, Scotland, injuring 25 people, according to the Scottish Ambulance Service.

Fifteen of the injured were taken to the hospital, while ten were treated and discharged on the scene. Photos on social media showed a large ship leaning against the dry dock wall. A local councillor suggested that strong winds caused the incident.

View of the research vessel Petrel after it tipped on its side in a dry dock in Leith, near Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain, March 22, 2023. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, which received 11 patients, urged people not to attend its emergency department, as it was busy treating the victims of the incident. Following the accident at around 0830 GMT, five ambulances, an air ambulance, three trauma teams, and other specialists responded to the scene. The Edinburgh Police reported that a boat had become dislodged from its holding at Imperial Dock in Leith, near Edinburgh.

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