The general cargo ships WALTER HAMMANN and DAGNA collided in the Lower Weser, upstream from Nordenham, Germany, around 0010 UTC on May 15. DAGNA, a Dutch freighter, was sailing upstream to Brake, while a German coaster was sailing downstream from Bremen.

Both ships reportedly sustained serious damage and are in need of repairs: the WALTER HAMMANN sustained bow breaches or deep dents, and the DAGNA sustained breaches or dents as well. WALTER HAMMANN stated that he struck DAGNA stb at a 90-degree angle. There was no water ingress and no leaks were reported.

According to reports, the WALTER HAMMANN is already docked at the Bremerhaven ship repair yard. DAGNA arrived in Brake and, after completing the cargo operation, sailed to Bremerhaven, where she docked on May 17.

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