A 43-year-old worker hired by an independent firm to join the Chennai Port lost his life from suffocation while he’d spraying pesticides into the storage areas of a commercial vessel heading towards Vietnam.

The victim was identified as Ramasamy. He is from his home town of Virudhunagar district. Jagadeesan along with Ramasamy was hired by a private contractor to be responsible for spraying pesticides onto commercial vehicles that transport food products.

On Tuesday, police stated that two of the men spraying pesticides in rooms filled with corn which was then transported to Vietnam. While the two were in the rooms, the workers discovered them in a shaky state. They were taken to an in-house hospital. In the hospital, Ramasamy was declared to have died.

Jegadeesan The man, however, has returned to his senses after undergoing an operation at a hospital in Teynampet. A case has been registered by police from the Port police.

Reference: thehindu.com

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