Around 7.30 at night on December 22, “Man Overboard” alarm was activated on the MSC Seashore when the cruise ship returned to Miami after a five-night Caribbean and Bahamas trip. As per our sources, the victim was a 15 years old teenager who fell off a balcony on Deck 16 and landed onto the promenade on deck 8.

The captain announced his “Man overboard, port-side” announcement through the PA on board and instructed guests to go back to their cabins and stay clear of all public areas.

One passenger stated “We just had 3 emergency blasts following captain’s announcement “Man Overboard”. People started running to the sides to investigate what happen, although it’s night time. A crew member came to our cabin and instructed us to close the balcony door and draw the blinds. Police will board tomorrow when we return to Miami to investigate this tragic event.”

A passenger on the MSC Seashore recorded this video right before the Captain raised the alarm.

There are a few contradicting reports about how the child fell off the balcony, however no matter the details, this is truly tragic news that will surely be very difficult for the entire family.

Update: MSC responds about the incident,

“A young man travelling with his family on board MSC Seashore appears to have died of suicide Wednesday evening. Our team immediately notified authorities and our care team is assisting the young man’s family on board.

All of us at MSC Cruises are heartbroken. The family remains in our thoughts and prayers. Out of respect for the family’s privacy, we will not be discussing any additional details”.


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