According to NewsFirst, The MV X-Press Pearl container ship’s owners have addressed why it did not dump a leaking container at the Hazira Port in India and the Hamad Port in Qatar.

“The ship performed discharge and loading procedures in both ports before continuing on its planned route to Colombo,” according to X-Press Feeders. “The ship underwent discharge and loading operations in both ports before continuing on its planned journey to Colombo. Applications had been made to both ports to offload a container that was leaking nitric acid, but the advice given was there were no specialist facilities or expertise immediately available to deal with the leaking acid.”


Meanwhile, the Navy, in collaboration with the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA), launched a special operation to reduce the impact on the coast caused by various debris, including containers, washing ashore after falling overboard the fire-damaged ship, and to keep the public safe from coming into contact with potentially hazardous chemical compounds contained in such items.

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