The MV MIKAGE, a coastal container vessel operated by Imoto Lines, has completed its first unmanned port-to-port voyage of 161 nautical miles, according to Mitsui O.S.K. Lines.

Even the line from the ship to the pier was carried by automated flight drones. This test was carried out by Mitsui as part of a larger demonstration effort known as the MEGURI 2040 Fully Autonomous Ship Navigation Project.

The Nippon Foundation for Autonomous Shipping is in charge of it and sponsors it. Five different consortia are taking part, and they will all show off their autonomous shipping systems in early 2022.

Mitsui E&S shipbuilding had designed a pre-formulated system for the ship. The algorithm takes into account inaccurate location data, wind, tides, currents, shipshape, mobility, and other elements. Furuno Electric’s autonomous system uses radar camera images and A.I.S. data to detect and avoid other vessels and obstacles in the route of the ships.

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