South Korean designer Yeojin Jung’s recent Estrella yacht concept looks like it’s straight out of a Star Wars movie. Measuring in at an impressive 104 meters (342 feet) and with a beam of 46 feet, the yacht is estimated to cruise at speeds of 15 knots being powered by a hybrid diesel engine. The unique tri-hull design led Jung to place third at this year’s A’ Design Award and Competition.

Length:104m (342 feet)
Designer:Yeojin Jung

According to Jung’s competition entry, the vessel features a “tri-swath” design which allows passengers a better visual experience on the water.


The unique design breaks the yacht into three different sections: a central segment and two floater sections on either side. The three components are connected by a hull bridge which allows guests access to each section, allowing for a more optimal experience.

The unique design’s balance issues are resolved by the main central hull having fin stabilizers to reduce any tilting.

Jung’s Estrella yacht concept is a bold and innovative design that offers a unique and immersive water experience. With its sleek lines and futuristic design, the Estrella is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

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