Drone footage has captured the terrifying moment when a grey nurse shark stalked three spear fishermen wearing black wetsuits at a popular beach near Forster on the NSW mid-north-coast. The predator was seen moving directly past swimmers towards the men as lifeguards blew their whistle to alert beach-goers.

Swimmers rushed out of the water as the shark swam past and headed towards the group of spear fishermen

Panicked swimmers rushed out of the water, but the spear fishermen were stranded near rocks without a clear escape path. Emily Howman, the drone camera operator, felt helpless as she was unable to warn the fishermen. “I can’t do anything from up with my drone,” she told Nine News. “I couldn’t even warn them.”

A shark has been caught swimming directly underneath three spear fishermen near Forster on the NSW mid-north-coast

The footage shows the predator swimming directly underneath the fishermen, who seemed to be unaware of its presence. After it glided past, one man splashed as he tried to flee, and the other men frantically swam back to shore. During the chaos, one of the fishermen lost a flipper, and he bravely dived back into the ocean to retrieve it as the shark circled around the rocks.

Luckily, the shark eventually swam away, and it seemed uninterested in the men.

Credit: www.dailymail.co.uk

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