Before you read this story, close your eyes and imaging yourself hugging Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Remember the sensation, and without further ado, let’s get into this incredibly intriguing case!

Andrea Humphreys, a skilled scuba diver with 12 years of diving experience and 675 dives abroad, as well as a schoolteacher, encountered such an extraordinary sea monster. When she and four other divers were in three meters of water off the coast of Campbell River on Vancouver Island, they discovered a massive octopus.

Extroverted” Giant Octopus

Typical octopuses are frequently found in their caves, concealing themselves in tiny cracks, crevices, under rocks, and exposed logs. This about three-meter-long octopus was unique. The body, which was larger than a basketball and covered in tentacles, approached Humphreys without fear or malice.

The enormous sea creature seized her camera and extended a tentacle to touch her body, lick her lips, and embrace her. This type of welcoming behavior is uncommon and astounding. Since huge Pacific octopuses are regarded as highly clever, this marine acquaintance appeared to be receptive and interested in humans. Before saying goodbye, it inspected Humphreys’ camera and mask for around forty minutes.

Extroverted” Giant Octopus
Credit: Andrea Humphreys/YouTube

The sudden embrace of the gigantic Ursula so enthralled the scuba divers that they were encouraged to post the film online. It went viral and assisted Humphreys in spreading the idea of saving marine species and maintaining clean oceans. Many Internet users complimented her for her bravery since, if they were in her footsteps, they would scream and flee quickly.

Humphreys said it was an exciting moment she longed to experience again. She intended to dive there again and hoped to encounter the octopus. In addition, her classmates were envious and asked her numerous questions about the incident. Obviously, she could discuss it all day.

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