Off the coast of the Netherlands, a cargo vessel with thousands of cars on it catches fire. There was an effort to save the 23 team members. On Wednesday, a fire quickly broke out on a car carrier ship off the coast of the Netherlands. At least one crew member died, and many others were seriously hurt.

A ship called the Fremantle Highway that was registered in Panama was involved in the event. The fire was first noticed at midnight, when the ship sent out an emergency call about 50 kilometers north of the northern Dutch island of Ameland. This was reported by the AFP news agency. The team on the Fremantle Highway tried to fight the fires on their own, but they were not able to do so.

The people on the ship tried to put out the fire on their own, but they failed. But the Dutch coastguard said that one person died and that several others were hurt. Reports say that the size of the fire, which was fed by the cargo of about 3,000 cars, made it hard for the team to get the situation under control.

Right away, boats and planes were sent to the scene to help. The Dutch coastguard took 23 crew members off the ship that was in trouble. The fire’s cause is still being looked into, but early reports say it may have started when an electric car on board caught fire and quickly spread through the ship.

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