A 366-meter container ship landed on the Suez Canal on Friday, it was continuing on the waterway. The ship was determined to be a 366-meter-long Maersk Jade registered in Singapore. Those who provide transit services on the Suez Canal tweeted that due to an engine failure, the ship ran aground 98 kilometers north of the canal and was traveling south in a convoy, in fifth place. The ship surfaced again within a few hours, and the ship’s movement returned to its usual state.



Since then, the Suez Canal authorities have confirmed the incident, stating that four tugboats were used to resurface the ship. There are two lanes at the end of the “new” Suez Canal, so the impact of the accident is minimal. Maersk also confirmed the incident via email: “We hereby confirm that the Maersk Emerald has been re-anchored and anchored in a part of the Great Bitter Lake of the Suez Canal to further investigate the cause. May 28.” The Singapore flag TC*, built-in 2012, was sailing south when it ran aground. All crew members are safe,” the statement said. The AIS ship’s data indicated that the ship had reached the Greater Gorky Lake, and the ship was reportedly awaiting review. Suez Canal Director Osama Rabea said The incident shows that the waterway was able to cope with this situation and emphasized the importance of having two lanes. However, this incident reminded people of the history of commissioning, as the land remained stagnant for nearly a week in March. , Causing global traffic disruption. Each TEU accommodates more than 13,000 TEU. Although slightly smaller than Ever Give, it is still large. Extending and deepening the southern end, it is in operation, with only one boat lane.

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