This is the heart-stopping moment when people on an Egyptian tourist boat that is on fire jump off. It is thought that three British tourists are lost after a boat caught fire while they were diving. The Hurricane ship, which was carrying 29 people, caught fire in the Red Sea, Egypt.

Shocking video showed that the back of the boat was on fire and black smoke was coming out of it. The fire was reported to have started in the engine room because of a short circuit in an electrical wire. So far, 26 people have been saved. Twelve of them are thought to be from Britain, and the other 14 are thought to be from Egypt.

Rescue services were alerted to the fire after blaze was said to have started in the engine room because of an electrical circuit
Rescue services were alerted to the fire after blaze was said to have started in the engine room because of an electrical circuit

Egyptian police said that the people who were saved were not hurt and were healthy. Police said that the crew that was saved wasn’t hurt and was taken to land in good health. The ship left Marsa Alam’s Port Ghalib on June 6 and was supposed to come back today.

It was said to be one of the “Luxury Red Sea Liveaboards” that the Tornado Marine Fleet gives for just under £1,500 per trip.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said, “We are in touch with local authorities after an incident on a dive boat near Marsa Alam, and we are helping British citizens who were involved.”

This is the heart-stopping moment passengers jump from an Egyptian tourist boat engulfed by flames

The Red Sea Governorate said, “The first check showed an electrical short circuit in the engine room, so the people in charge of the investigation went to inspect and look into it.”

It went on to say, “[The Secretary General] pointed out that the crew and passengers were saved by the boat named “Blue” and brought back to central Marsa Alam, and that the authorities and other boats are still looking for three British passengers. It should be noted that the Ambulance Authority and the Directorate of Health Affairs have been told to increase their level of preparedness, and that follow-up is happening.”

A search group was sent out to look for the last three British tourists, whose names have not been made public. The boat’s owner, Tornado Marine Fleet, said, “Today at 6.30 a.m. at Elphinstone, Hurricane caught fire while the diving briefing was going on.”

“We do have three British customers who haven’t been seen, and everyone else… safely reached the next land.

“We are now taking the boat back to the marina with the help of the authorities.”

The missing Britons are still being looked for, and a new report will be given when the investigations are done, the spokesperson said.

Egypt’s Red Sea towns are popular with European tourists because they have some of the country’s best-known beaches.

It has a solid reputation as a place to dive because it is easy to get to coral reefs from the shore and dive spots there have a wide range of marine life.

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