A stack of containers falls from the deck of the ship. Fortunately, the driver of the tractor head exits before he suffers any damage, and at that time there were no other personnel in the immediate vicinity

On May 24, early in the morning, this accident occurred without any personal injury at the Opcsa / MSC terminal in the Port of Las Palmas.

In the transshipment container unloading operations that were being carried out at that time, probably when trying to hook a container, for unknown reasons, the operation was not carried out as planned and not only did it not hook the container but also dragged a stack of four units that fell into the void on the plate that is ready to pick up one.

Fortunately, the driver of the tractor unit was attentive to the maneuver and when he saw the containers coming he had time to leave the vehicle, without suffering consequences. The other operator who was in the vicinity, moments before, left his position, moving away from the area, so everything was in a great fright.



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