Inc founder Jeff Bezos has a new toy that is making waves in the boating world. A colossal superyacht, named Kodu or code-named Y721, has been built especially for him and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. At a price tag of $500 million, this superyacht is one of the largest and tallest ever built, and it has taken five years to complete.

Koru, as it is also called, is 417 feet long, and it features three decks, one of which houses a swimming pool. The yacht also has a kinetic energy system that uses its three huge masts to operate with the power of the sails, making it an environmentally friendly vessel. However, it needs a crew of 40 sailors to operate and can only host 18 guests.

Kodu’s construction faced a few setbacks before it was ready to sail, including fitting it through a passageway that was too narrow for its height. The superyacht is 230 feet tall, half the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza, making it the tallest ship in the world. The shipbuilder, Oceanco, requested the dismantling of a historic bridge to enable the yacht to pass through, but the public backlash made them withdraw their request. Eventually, the yacht was sent to another shipyard 24 miles away to complete construction.

Recently, new footage of Kodu emerged on YouTube, showing it being tested in the North Sea. According to reports, Kodu will be delivered to Bezos in the next few months. However, maintaining this superyacht will not be cheap, as it will cost approximately $25 million annually to operate.

As one of the wealthiest people in the world, Bezos’ new toy is likely to generate interest from people worldwide. It remains to be seen where Kodu’s seafaring voyages will take Bezos and Sanchez, but one thing is sure: this superyacht will turn heads wherever it sails.

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